John Who Lives in the Dark

John Who Lives in the Dark: John’s Apartment is a project directed by Jason Hanasik as a follow up to his award winning documentary How to Make a Pearl, a documentary about John Kapellas, an artist who developed an allergy to light over a decade ago and has lived ever since in the dark. In that time, with the aid of a dull flashlight, he has turned his home into an awe inspiring art project. The project is a Virtual Reality experience which allows viewers to walk around John Kapellas’ dark apartment with a digital flashlight.

As a 3D modeler for the project, I digitally modeled John’s home and most of the art and objects within it, working closely with director Jason Hanasik, sound designer Jason Jia, and Corey Kapellas who created and developed the VR interface in Unreal Engine 5. 

This project is currently in post production. A work in progress was exhibited at Pasadena City College in Fall 2022 in the exhibition, “John Who Lives in the Dark.”

Made possible with funding from the Pasadena Art Alliance